Established in 2004 by Wolfgang Schneider (CEO), in the magical city of Vienna. Since then, we have rapidly developed and thrived. Today we cater to a variety of groups and individuals.

We are proud to be the company that proposes the widest range of niche travel packs in Austria. Offering professional tailor made tours specially prepared for those of you who have their dream vacation in mind.

We are here to fulfill it.


Travel Pack World (TPW), here to create your next adventur


Offering unique travel experiences to meet your exact needs and perfectly suit you.

Our Creations

Our handcrafted travel packs include a wide range of niches we specialize in.
Making your dreams come true with our extra-ordinary journeys:

  • Smell, taste and explore new cultures with our CU linary tours.
  • Give back to the local community and sustain the environment through our green eCO adventures.
  • Test your limits and be ready to get your minds blown with our extreme travel opportunities.
  • Everything is possible when it comes to traveling. Join our accessible tours and find an opportunity just for you.
  • Experience a high-end boutique voyage for unforgettable i memories.


.."Never felt so important to a travel company. The personal service was like nothing I've seen before.."
(Fraur Family)

"Our trip to Mount Kilimanjaro was impeccable.
The feel of working with locals only, providing for them and gaining so much knowledge back was amazing. The trip made us understand more about leaving carbon footprint and what sustainable tourism means. Truly life changing experience"
(Anderson's Group)

"Educational and mind opening" (Karl Van der Gale)

"Travel Pack and Ms. Thoman tailored our trip even better than we imagined it ourselves! The service from top to bottom was kind, truly caring and very professional. The virtual information packs are genius and allowed us to arrive in Kenya with a very good understanding of the people, the cultures and etiquettes which makes a huge difference in the volunteering experience"
(Jan Manov)

"Feels great coming home from a huge adventure and learning our carbon footprint has been offset"


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